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Monday, 14 November 2011

GQ Names 2011 Men of the Year Honorees

As 2011 begins winding down, GQ Magazine has come up with their picks for the Men of the Year issue.
Featured in four separate covers, Mila Kunis (the Knockout), Michael Fassbender (the Breakout), Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon (the Showmen), and Jay-Z (the King) have all been honored by the men’s magazine.

In his interview, Jay-Z chatted about working with Kanye West on their super-hot album Watch The Throne. “I think he just can’t help himself. He puts so much into everything, and he’s like, ‘You have to treat it like I treat it.’ It drives you crazy sometimes—like when you’ve put seventy-five versions of a snare on one song and he’s like, ‘No!’ and you’re like, ‘Come on, man.’ ”
The “99 Problems” rapper also discussed his dad’s departure from his life early on. “If your dad died before you were born, yeah, it hurts—but it’s not like you had a connection with something that was real. Not to say it’s any better—but to have that connection and then have it ripped away was, like, the worst. My dad was such a good dad that when he left, he left a huge scar. He was my superhero.”
“[I talked about] what it did to me, what it meant, asked him why. There was no real answer. There was nothing he could say, because there’s no excuse for that. There really isn’t. So there was nothing he could say to satisfy me, except to hear me out. And it was up to me to forgive and let it go.”

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