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Monday, 13 February 2012

First Photos of Beyonce’s Baby Blue Ivy Carter Reignite Surrogacy Rumors [PHOTOS]

The first photos of Beyonce's baby Blue Ivy Carter were released to the world on Friday by Beyonce and husband Jay-Z. The couple posted five photos of their baby girl on the Tumblr page "Hello Blue Ivy Carter." Along with the five photos, the couple added a note reading: "We welcome you to share in our joy. Thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful time in our lives."
With fame comes scrutiny, and no couple is as famous as Beyonce and Jay-Z, otherwise known as music royalty. The release of the photos has reignited rumors that Beyonce used a surrogate to carry and deliver her baby.
Commentators are questioning everything from the race of the baby to her hair to Beyonce's post-pregnancy body.

Skeptics Question Blue Ivy Carter 
"That is a typical Hispanic/Latino baby. Now I believe the surrogate stories!!!" posted a reader named Wendy on ABC News' blog post. "Beyonce get REAL. This is not yours!" wrote another. 

"I saw those photos of Blue Ivy Carter - that is some South Asian looking hair, Tweeps," tweeted Broadway actress and screenwriter Erin Quill. When someone joked that Blue Ivy Carter does not look like Bobbi Kristina (Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter), Quill responded: "She doesn't look like a Carter or a Knowles either."
"I see a whole lot of Mama Tina and even a drop of Ashanti (that's for all you pillow baby conspiracy theorists)," wrote celebrity blogger Michael K. "I also see a little bit of my Salvadoran tia after she got all her hair chopped off at Supercuts, but that's a story for another day. Speaking of hair, that baby has so much of it! That baby's hair is laid like Jesus. Or she could already be fooling us all by having the best lace front in the game."
Others also questioned the length of Blue Ivy Carter's hair, saying it is exceptionally long for a one-month-old. "She's beautiful. The length of the hair is unusually long for a baby that age," wrote a commentator on ABC News' article. "What I haven't ever seen is one as young as Blue Ivy with hair that long," said another. "That hair is unusually long but not impossible My daughter was born with a full head of hair just as long as that of Blue. She's beautiful. Congratulations to them!" retorted another.
Beyonce's "Too Fabulous" Post-Baby Body 
When Beyonce made her first public appearance since giving birth on Monday, Feb. 6, at the 40/40 club, skeptics said that the singer did not have the body of someone who had just given birth. Again, questions raised of surrogacy and fingers pointed at how amazing the 31-year-old looked just one month after the baby.
Even CNN's Piers Morgan added his two cents. "She made one terrible mistake - she looked just too fabulous. So fabulous in fact, that a vast conspiracy theory has now been raging on the Internet, that Beyonce faked her pregnancy."
But, after some tongue-in-cheek investigation into this "massive scandal," Piers Morgan gave up. "You know what I said to myself? Don't be such a bloody idiot, Piers," he said. Adding, "Only in America."
"While I'm at, Elvis is dead, man did land on the moon, and no, there are not a bunch of horned extraterrestrial aliens running around Area 51."
Beyonce's Baby, Headline Fodder
Beyonce's pregnancy was a bit of a mystery from the very beginning. After revealing her baby bump during MTV's 2011 Video Music Awards in September, the singer perplexed the public after an odd interview. In October, during an interview on the Australian talk show "Sunday Night HD," Beyonce's stomach seemed to collapse when she sat down.
The singer's baby bump folded in on itself, causing many to speculate if she was actually wearing a prosthetic belly. Rumors began to swirl that the 31-year-old was actually using a surrogate in order to stay in shape for an upcoming tour.
Now, with people questioning the first photos of Blue Ivy Carter, it seems as if that rumor mill will never stop churning. And, as for Blue Ivy Carter, a life in the headlines awaits.

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