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Friday, 11 November 2011

Brad Pitt Grows Out His Hair Again: Time For An Intervention?

Clean cut in May.
Back to his shaggy ways.

Brad Pitt is officially turning into Johnny Depp: another matinee idol who masks his good looks with unsexy facial hair. Pitt turned up in Tokyo this week for the premiere of "Moneyball" sporting a distressingly shaggy stoner mane and salt-and-pepper goatee.
Is he regrowing his weird beard? Let's hope not.
Pitt and Angelina Jolie left the kids at home to hit the red-carpet premiere as a Hollywood supercouple on Wednesday night: Jolie looked striking in a red dress and matching lipstick, while Pitt regressed back to the grungy, surfer-dude look he sported before doing the U.S. promotional circuit for "Moneyball."
The actor certainly knows how to sell a movie/passion project: he cleaned himself up to remind everyone of his "Thelma & Louise" days and stirred up some good old-fashioned controversy by insulting his long-suffering ex-wife. We kind of miss that Brad Pitt.

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