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Friday, 7 October 2011

What 'Akpako' means? Terry G speaks!

The ginjah himself finally explains what the word 'akpako' from his hit single means, in this quick interview By OnTV Publisher
 Most mis-understood artiste? I deliver what the street wants, I am not as worst as I portray ’cause I am an act just like the actors in the movies so tomorrow could be of a new change.

On Terry Gzuz? Is just an acclaim to show I belong to a christain firm not anything anti-christ like.

If I were doing strictly christian [gospel] song? I could had been this popular too, but doing secular is to represent the youth and I have no regret doing this but change is constant and inevitable

On Now Muziq controversies? I knew this would go this way ’cause I wasn’t getting what I wanted.

On other artiste’s beat usage: It’s my beat which you paid for and should remain my intellectual property in as much as I didn’t sing his song the way it was recorded and even other acts using that beat I can even sued that fellow performing featured acts song on stage-

On Now Musiq I felt cheated and they were just out to eat from my brand, we never signed any papers whilst the street wants me daily and I keep loosing while trying to keep at per with the corperate world.

On 1,500 naira per album price/sales? Yes, why should they change my brand for same reasons why I am known. Who would buy such? My same disciple?

How emotional is Terry G? I am a soft person, used to be in love but now no more.

Wedding Rumours? God is my witness o, I was at home when I saw the report, maybe they saw me at someone’s wedding and taught I was the one getting married.

On Love Child? I use to have a child, whom I use to be proud of but after 3 DNA’s I found out she wasn’t my child afterall, imagine after taking care of her for 3 years.

Any wedding plans? Of course, my mama 'dey' wait 4 me to hurry down the aisle but right now I have nobody.

On Endorsement? I suppose them Energy drinks ’cause I have the swagger to sell their products maybe they are scared coming close but they should remember I’m an act on stage and off stage, I am your next door neighbour, Gabriel Amanyi

Do you do drugs? No, I have never tasted Cocaine, 'Igbo' but I smoke and almost all Naija acts smoke.

Smoking for Inspiration? Nooo, Anybody who does that lacks the ginger.

Meaning of ‘Akpako’? It simply means finding a way to the bottom of wherever you are for you to gain promotion to the next level.

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