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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

So True? So False? Did Shakira Dump Her Footballer Beau Over Infidelity?!

Attention all lovers, Latin or otherwise: Shakira may no longer be part of a double act.
Word spread throughout the Spanish media this morning—and soon after, the rest of the international press—that the Colombian singing sensation had, well, sensationally dumped her footballer boyfriend, FC Barcelona star Gerard Piqué.
Rumor has it that the pint-sized hot tamale discovered Piqué was playing off-sides, as it were, while on the road and red-flagged the scamp after learning of his wandering eye (and other limbs).
It's a juicy story, sure. But is it a true one? Make room in that penalty box, because this rumor is…

So false!
The "Hips Don't Lie" singer did not dump Piqué because of cheating—in fact, she didn't dump him at all, and all is still well (and monogamous) in Shakiraland.
"Just a silly rumor," a rep for her record label, Sony, told E! News.
Shakira herself seemed to disprove the rumor yesterday, tweeting a message to her 10-years-junior beau that was sealed with a proverbial kiss.
"Suerte a la seleccion Espanola esta semana y a mi numero 3, muah! @3gerardpique. Shak."
You don't have to speak Spanish to recognize the language of love.

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