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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Jennifer Lopez-Marc Anthony Divorce: Exes Remain Business Partners

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may no longer be partners in marriage, but it appears they will be partners in business--at least for now. The former couple, who announced their split Friday after seven years of marriage, will continue to collaborate on the reality show "Q'Viva!" and their Kohl's clothing line, which was announced last November.
According to Extra!, both Lopez and Anthony are still attached to the reality show. Lopez told Fox News Latino last month that "the show is the biggest thing that I’ve been involved with yet.”
In a statement released since the stars announced their split, XIX Entertainment--the management company behind Q'Viva!--confirmed the show is still set to film this fall in South America with Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as previously announced: "Both Jennifer and Mark are committed to the Q'Viva! project and will work on it as planned. The show goes on!"
Meanwhile, Women's Wear Daily reported that the pair will also move forward with their Kohl's collaboration, which is on schedule to launch in September. But don't expect them to share a sketch pad: Lopez is set to design the women's line while Anthony will focus on the men's.
"The Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony brands have always been positioned as two separate, distinctive collections that offer high-quality contemporary style for men and women, and we look forward to a successful September launch," a spokesperson said in a statement released this weekend.
Though the couple, who have 3-year-old twins, didn't announce the cause of their split, some speculate it's work related.
“I don’t know any relationship that could survive the juggling of schedules of both Jennifer and Marc,” an industry insider told the Huffington Post. “Angelina and Brad years ago agreed that while one of them was working the other took time off. Unfortunately, knowing both Jen [and] Marc, I can tell you that neither of them is capable of putting their career on hold when a great or big paying opportunity comes along.”

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