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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries to Sign Prenup

Although we hope Kris Humphries is really the one for Kim Kardashian, the pair is not taking any chances when it comes to their bank accounts. According to E! News, the couple will sign a prenuptial agreement that will serve to protect their respective wealth if things don't last until death do they part.

"It's a standard prenup," an inside source told E. "They just want something that makes sense for both of them."

Although both should consider themselves well beyond the term millionaire, Kardashian stands to lose much more if things don't work out for the couple -- she's worth roughly $35 million while Humphries is worth $8 million.
"When it comes to the money, Kim just thinks it's always smart to have a contract and she has always looked at things that way," the source continued. "It is the responsible thing to do."

Responsible? Sure. Romantic? No so much.

But Kardashian may be on the right track. Since announcing her engagement, the couple has already been embroiled in countless scandals from rumors of a pregnancy to a pre-marital affair. Some low-key, headline-unworthy responsibility may be just what the couple needs.

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